The third-party logistics (3PL) market is set to become an over $1.到2026年将达到8万亿, 正如最新研究报告所述 Global Market Insights, Inc .出版.Shelbyville,▽. 快速的全球化, 日益增长的消费主义和扩大的电子商务是推动第三方物流增长的一些关键因素.

更重要的是, within the 3PL sector is the rise of the frozen fulfillment industry, as more and more customers turn to 3PL providers to meet increasing customer demands.

例如, “亚马逊效应”日益增长的影响和电子商务客户日益增长的期望是如何第三方物流需要适应变化的商业趋势的例子, consumer expectations and technology in order to address these changes, 如3PL中心的概述 第三方物流状况报告.

“随着电子商务的持续增长, 第三方物流供应商正站在一场技术革命的边缘,这场技术革命要么推动它们实现增长,要么让它们在迅速升级的竞争面前落后,安迪·劳埃德说, 3PL中央公司的首席执行官. “As more retailers move their e-commerce to 3PL fulfillment, 第三方将需要提供准确性, 速度, 成本效率, consistency and an impeccable customer experience.”

Here’s how the fresh and frozen logistics sector incorporates federal regulations, 技术的变化和不断变化的消费者需求的混合,以保持冷链物流行业的增长.


随着电子商务的兴起,以及人们对b2b类似消费者体验的期望越来越高, 3PLs are experiencing 新闻ure to evolve regardless of their customers.

例如, 86%的美国消费者至少使用两种渠道,每天花11个小时在电子媒体上, 根据3PL中心的研究. Additionally, in the United States alone, e-commerce grew 14.2018年为2%,达到517美元.360亿年. 第三方物流专业人士希望利用这些发展中的渠道,将需要一个合作伙伴来帮助提供最终的客户体验, 运输需要, 报告指标和更多.

This growth also this includes increased interest 为 services such as blast freezing, advanced packaging and labeling and e-commerce solutions.

“Cold chain logistics companies have evolved their services to customers over time. 而不是客户把冷藏仓库看作是一种商品,因为它有温控空间, 他们现在正在寻找第三方物流公司作为合作伙伴,后者可以提供完整的供应链解决方案,洛厄尔·兰德尔说, vice president of government and legal affairs at 全球冷链联盟 (GCCA),弗吉尼亚州阿灵顿.

和, as grocery delivery and meal kit services become more prevalent, shippers are looking 为 new business-to-consumer solutions, 史蒂夫说泰勒, 食品物流销售总监, 为 河中的小岛全球物流伊塔,生病了.

例如, 全球定位系统跟踪、防篡改和温度监测设备被用于确保质量和食品安全, 他说.

“在更广泛的范围内, shippers are frequently asking 为 the ability to monitor and, 有时, make adjustments to temperature on truckload moves while in transit,”泰勒说. “欧冠冠军足彩还看到了电子签名/玻璃上签名技术的推动,以帮助解决纠纷和避免大型零售商的退款.”

Meanwhile, the demand 为 fresh produce is as strong as ever.

“如今的消费者希望准时生产, 全年提供高品质食物, so that means cold chain logistics has no room 为 error when delivering perishable products,托尼·哈蒙德说, 新鲜到达公司的执行副总裁, 一个新的部门 欧冠冠军足彩. “这一切都是为了新鲜,让产品在无损的情况下尽快上架. The logistics industry is under huge amounts of 新闻ure to reduce costs, follow new government regulations all the while meeting these consumer demands. 然而, the result of these 新闻ures is the supply chain innovating on strategy, 专注于创造效率,更聪明地满足易腐货物托运人的需求.”


When it comes to frozen and perishable shipments, the industry is experiencing several ongoing developments, 包括整合, 自动化和仓库容量.

例如, 根据GCCA的规定, there were 68 acquisitions between 2009 and 2019; 11 of those were in 2019. 而且,兰德尔说,20多家私人股本公司在冷库中设有职位.

“Much of the growth in cold storage warehouses has been organic, 然而, acquisitions are increasingly used to fuel growth,”他补充道.

收购可以让第三方物流扩大他们的网络,降低成本,有时还能解决劳动力短缺问题. Meanwhile, some providers are turning to automation to lessen the impact of labor shortages.

“We’ve reached a tipping point where automation has become a very viable way to augment labor,”兰德尔说. “欧冠冠军足彩看到了对冷链技术的需求,能够有效地解决这些成本问题. 例如, 许多冷库公司正在投资自动化,以实现更有效的劳动力使用.”


“拥抱新技术和连接的公司将在今天的环境中脱颖而出,并保持竞争力. 第三方物流可以受益于使用云技术,以确保他们得到一个稳定的产品改进流, 没有额外的硬件或软件成本, and without having to add expensive technical resources to their staff,”劳埃德说.

Another trend driving cold chain logistics is sustainability, 随着供应商和供应商越来越多地考虑采用太阳能等可持续建筑实践, 燃料电池和节能电池技术,以及新的制冷技术,以减少能源使用,为客户的可持续发展目标作出贡献.

Doing so also helps tighten up warehouse capacity.

“许多设施认为82-84%是满的, as they need space to operate and manage distribution,”兰德尔说. “Cold storage capacity is impacted by inventories 为 all perishable commodities. There are a number of factors that influence capacity, including increases in SKUs and inventories to meet retailer demands, increases/changes in production and trade issues.”


就其本身而言, AIT全球物流在两个领域实现了行业增长——基于植物的产品和数据分析.

“Plant-based dairy and protein products are driving new opportunities in cold chain logistics,”泰勒说. “Many of these companies began as start-ups and their popularity has skyrocketed, so they’re faced with new logistical challenges. 物流供应商应该准备好教育和提供解决方案,随着客户的增长而扩大规模.”

例子: 公布的数据 由位于旧金山的植物性食品协会和位于华盛顿D.C.显示,你.S. retail sales of plant-based foods have grown 11.4% in the past year, bringing the total plant-based market value to $5 billion.

和, 在截至2018年11月的一年里,从粗线食品服务分销商到食品服务运营商的植物性蛋白质出货量增加了20%, 报告 NPD集团,华盛顿港,N.Y.

和, as data analysis becomes more accessible and af为dable, more clients are requesting such features as part of their 3PL network.

“Quality management has become more data-driven in recent years,”泰勒说. “欧冠冠军足彩正在收集和分析越来越多的数据点,以验证和提高性能. Primary examples include milestone and temperature data reporting. 该文件提供了强有力的证据,以验证客户的供应链绩效和产品安全的改善.”


“在努力实现无纸化的过程中,托运人可以使用无数种技术来跟踪发货,并改善供应链的不同方面, 无摩擦的, 自动化和连接,哈蒙德说:“. “在一天结束的时候, 选择一种技术实际上取决于您的业务目标是什么,以及您需要什么数据才能成功.”

例如, data capabilities are something clients should be looking 为 when selecting a carrier, 他说.

“说到选择欧冠冠军足彩, shippers need to make sure the carrier they select can provide them the data, 跟踪他们想要的服务,哈蒙德说:“. “It’s important to remember that technology does not equal service. You need a team that knows how to deliver a product on-time and in-full.”


美国的规定.S. 食品和药物管理局的《欧冠足彩怎么买》(FSMA)《欧冠足彩怎么买》(STF)要求食品的安全储存和运输.

That’s why the American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI), Arlington, Va., in partnership with the American Trucking Association (ATA), Arlington, Va.,开发了一个 在线自我评估工具 协助发货人, 欧冠冠军足彩, loaders and receivers to determine their readiness 为 implementation of FDA’s STF rule.

GCCA also published a best practices guide to assist companies with STF compliance.

“一般说来, frozen products are lower risk to food safety concerns when it comes to temperature control,”兰德尔说. “This has been recognized by the FDA as a part of its implementation of the FSMA. 美国食品药品监督管理局发现,冷冻食品(为了安全而控制时间和温度)是非常罕见的. If temperature is not appropriately maintained with frozen food, there is generally quality impact be为e there is a problem with safety. 新鲜产品更有可能是TCS食品, where temperature control is critical 为 food safety, 还有质量.”

此外,GCCA还推出了新的 冷载机认证计划 承运人在什么情况下可以获得证明与食品卫生运输相关的知识和采用行业最佳做法的证书.

From regulatory challenges to state-of-the-art technologies, 冷冻配送行业的兴起促使第三方物流供应商不断创新,以满足日益增长的客户需求.


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