Boasting nicknames such as “freight alley” and “the Silicon Valley of trucking,” the Chattanooga area is riding a growing ecosystem for startups in the sector and a reputation where companies outside of the city need a presence, 据专家们说.

“欧冠冠军足彩知道欧冠冠军足彩可以利用那里的人才,杰夫·施罗德说, marketing manager for third-party logistics provider R2 Logistics of Jacksonville, 佛罗里达, 今年在查塔努加开了一间办公室. “那里有很多物流专业人士.”

公司. 今年夏天,该杂志评选了13家当地公司 在这个国家发展最快的公司中,有8家是在物流领域, including five freight brokerage ventures and another three which are supporting the industry.

克雷格·富勒, chief executive of fast-growing transportation and logistics data and content startup FreightWaves in Chattanooga, 说这个城市有很多了解这个行业的人.

富勒估计,查塔努加地区大约有7个,000名白领专业人员参与货运物流, 这还不包括司机或仓库工人等工作.

He says the area is wooing bright business people who are looking for a place where there’s talent in the segment.

泰德Alling, who with business partners Barry Large and Allan Davis founded Access America Transport in 2002 in Chattanooga, said the city has “a remarkable amount of transport and logistics companies for our size.”

“交通是欧冠冠军足彩在查塔努加的DNA, and the cluster of companies is continuing to spin out new startups who have seen others succeed and want to take their own shot,”他说.

Access America quickly became one of the city’s most successful startup companies. 2014年的销售额约为6亿美元. 公司办理多式联运, 包括卡车, 拼车, 联运, 平板, 并专业货运10余项,遍布全美的000个客户.

2014年,Access America被芝加哥Coyote Logistics收购. 欧冠冠军足彩 a year later, Atlanta-based giant UPS acquired Coyote Logistics for about $1.80亿年.

“I believe people are moving to Chattanooga for logistics jobs knowing that if it doesn’t work out, 他们有机会在几个不同的地方工作,Alling表示:“. “这对社区来说是一件大事.”

查尔斯·伍德, the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce’s vice president of economic development, 他说,圣约运输集团(Covenant Transportation Group)和美国欧冠冠军足彩(U.S. ex新闻 Enterprises是美国最大的两家货运公司.

“There’s a lot of history,”他说, noting the two companies have had “a huge impact” on the area.

也, Kenco集团, which bills itself as the largest woman-owned third-party logistics company in the United States, 1950年在查塔努加成立.

但, 伍德说, 这个行业已经发生了许多变化, such as a transition to more 技术 and interaction between trucking companies and customers and truck drivers themselves. Logistics and supply chain management has become an area where large companies can reduce costs, 他说.

The Chamber official says some “very hungry entrepreneurs” have jumped on that industry sector.

来自“访问美国”的伍德说, there were people who learned how to build logistics and freight brokerage companies.



在查塔努加公司今年增长最快的13家公司中. 5000家名单中,有8家是在物流业. The fastest growing local logistics companies and their relative rank on the 公司. 2019年5000人名单如下:

366 - LYNC物流 with 36 employees started in 2014, $28 million in revenue and 3-year growth of 1,248%

483 -三叉戟运输 2013年有51名员工,年薪31美元.收入300万美元,三年增长911%

1021 -信实伙伴 拥有118名员工的保险经纪人在2009年开始工作,年薪10美元.收入100万,三年增长413%

1302 - LMS(简化物流) 2008年,公司有75名员工,年薪45美元.收入600万,三年增长316%

1339年的今天,Taimen运输公司 2012年,公司有17名员工,年薪35美元.收入600万美元,三年增长308%

1896年——蒸汽物流 2012年,拥有38名员工的国际货运代理公司起步,薪酬为27美元.收入800万美元,三年增长212%

2154 - Max Trans Logistics 2014年,公司有28名员工,起薪27美元.收入400万美元,三年增长187%

4169 - AHS咨询2014年,该公司有11名员工,薪酬为2美元.收入300万美元,三年增长75%

来源: 公司. 5000年2019年

与此同时, Alling, Large和Davis组成了灯柱集团, a business incubator headquartered in the second floor of the historic Loveman’s department store building downtown. 它为创业公司提供了工作空间, 后勤支持和早期融资以换取股权.

晚些时候, 灯柱启动了发电机加速器, 3个月的项目,帮助物流领域的科技创业公司, 运输及供应链业务, 并协助了项目兄弟的形成, 迪纳摩风险投资基金.

Alling says he believes Chattanooga is “the best place in the world to start a logistics business. 查塔努加有很多人才, 高品质生活, 生活成本低,欧冠冠军足彩的社区可以自给自足.”

He says that a lot of former Access America employees started their own companies, 他补充说,这让他和他的合作伙伴“超级自豪”.”

“We worked hard on developing and empowering servant leaders at Access America,Alling表示:“. “These amazing folks are positive leaders that believe in others and know how to run a successful business.”

他还说,像freightwave这样的公司已经涌现出来. FreightWaves提供数据分析, 新闻和评论, innovation engagement and risk management tools to the transportation and logistics industry. 数据的速度和性质为托运人提供了支持, 汽车运营商, 和货运经纪人更好地了解市场, 根据FreightWaves.

公司创始人富勒是美国欧冠冠军足彩一位创始人的儿子.S. X新闻, Max Fuller, just last year rolled out a major expansion with plans to create 260 new jobs. 公司打算投资3美元.900万在扩张, including a shift of operations to new workspace downtown in the 400 block of Market Street.

Fuller says FreightWaves is already out of space with about 150 employees and is looking at potentially leasing more offices across Market in Jack’s Alley.

In 2018, freightwave宣布又筹集了1300万美元的新资金, 大概是18美元.在最初的两年里,它获得了400万美元,并且是查塔努加的顶尖初创公司之一.

除了, FreightWaves was the winner of venture capital firm Revolution’s Rise of the Rest pitch competition held in Chattanooga last year. The competition spearheaded by AOL founder Steve Case gave FreightWaves a $100,000 investment.

Fuller said Rise of the Rest “helped validate that we have this really important industry in which Chattanooga is exceptionally well-positioned. 欧冠冠军足彩作为一个城市应该在这方面加倍努力.”

He says there could be more economic incentives and better training programs to help the sector, 例如.

Alling said that while the talent pool is huge and Chattanooga is importing more, 这座城市需要留住大学毕业生. 他说,查塔努加“迫切需要UTC自己的项目”, 约大学, 李大学和查塔努加州立社区学院.

“We also need to be aggressive with [Hamilton County Department of Education] and the private schools to expose our high school students to the startups transportation ecosystem,Alling表示:“.

Wood表示,在商业领域仍然有很多机会. 他以到达物流为例, 奥斯丁, Texas-based company that earlier this year announced plans to expand its Chattanooga office by creating 500 new jobs and investing $3.600万年.

Wood said that within the Chamber’s new Chattanooga Climbs economic development strategy, so-called “freight services” is one of its target sectors on which it will focus.

“尤其是在白领阶层的专业服务方面, 后台, 技术,”他说.

A big asset is leveraging the relationships of executives in the market, 伍德说. They help identify the companies with which the Chamber ought to be talking that aren’t here, 他说. 伍德说,此外,它们还有助于识别风险投资家.


图片来源:Times Free Press,原创文章发布在这里: http://www.timesfreeNew闻.com/news/edge/story/2019/oct/01/moving-fast-freight-services-sector-riding-hi/504428/


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